Humanity First is a non profitable organization working around the globe to provide aid and services to those in need. They have been developing and running hospitals for many years one of which is Masroor Hospital in Dakar. This facility has been providing medical aid to those much needed in the area using top of the line equipment. The hospital is equipped with machinery such as ECG machines, defibrillator, surgical equipment, and anesthesia equipment. All the items listed above contribute to helping the specialised doctors and volunteers to perform their work in the best manner possible. Masroor Hospital is able to provide locals with treatments for Plastic, General, Gynecology/Obstetrics, Urology, and Maxillo facial surgeries. Patients come for surrounding countries and cities for the aid provided at Masroor Hospital. The facility is known for ensuring patients needs and requirements are met even if the patient is unable to afford the treatments. Humanity First is an organization that seeks out good and places its areas that are in desperate need and Masroor Hospital in Dakar is just one example of that.

Humanity First