Humanity First is a non-political, non-religious and impartial international relief and development agency that focuses on protecting human life and dignity.  Humanity First provides aid on the basis of necessity alone, irrespective of caste, creed, color or religion.
Our mission is to serve socially disadvantaged individuals and families in the poorer communities and disaster struck areas of the world.

We aim to offer sustainable development solutions to society whilst providing and empowering local communities the resources to help themselves. We promote peace and understanding based on mutual respect and acceptance. Through advocacy, emergency responses and efficient programming, HF prioritizes the health and safety of those most vulnerable.

Established in 1995, Humanity First (‘HF’) was registered with the UK Charities Commission and has expanded its operations in 62 countries, across 6 continents.  As a relief organization, HF aims to help millions of people in need in alleviating poverty, improving standards of living, refining health resources and promoting quality education to vulnerable communities. Humanity First International became the ultimate parent company, its offices are based in London and it is governed by a board of trustees. HF is funded by voluntary contributions of individuals and private sponsors. Majority of the aid workers and management are unpaid volunteers who recognize the significance and value in helping those less fortunate. 

Humanity First has consultative status with United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).  HF also works in partnership with many international, regional and local relief organizations.


Humanity First began to operate in the early 1990 and was formally established under a trust deed as a registered charity with the UK Charities Commission, in November1995. Now registered in 62 countries, across 6 continents, HF provides aid and resources to millions of people in need. Our initial mission was to focus on disaster response programs across Europe, but soon morphed in alleviating poverty, improving standards of living, refining health resources and services and promoting quality education to vulnerable communities.

In 2019, a separate new entity Humanity First UK was setup to focus on development projects in locally and developing countries under the guidance of Humanity First International both incorporated as limited companies by guarantee with the UK Charity Commission.


The regional Humanity First teams aim to deliver outcomes to help low income and vulnerable communities free themselves from poverty. Collaboration is important to Humanity First as certain organizations expertise in certain areas. It is important to recognize that collaboration means richer resources to help communities in the areas most detrimental to them. Relief involves ambiguity, teamwork and strength in numbers; ensuring that communities get the best help accessible.

Collaboration can include co-working, sharing of funds, resources and personnel. We achieved UN ECOSOC consultative status and work with a wide range of UN bodies. We partner with local organizations wherever it is possible to ensure that our response is quick and locally driven. It is important for us to collaborate with other organizations to gain trust.

In recent years, Humanity First has worked with organisations in the following areas:

Disaster Response

World Water Works


Water & Sanitation


AMEA Healthcare

Education & Training

Lajna Ima'illah UK

School in a Bag

Global Health



Fundraising & Marketing


Community Care


We have also worked with
Dutch Navy, PAAMA UK, Hart House, AMYA, Sightsavers, MTA and Radio VOI


Our team members, from the board of directors, project managers, operations and production teams, marketing and finance all from a proficient and diverse background spanning  years of professionalism, provide high levels of technical, functional and interpersonal skills. Our team members work with great devotion, commitment and passion to serve humanity.


Humanity First International is responsible for providing policies, general guidance, strategy and a complete framework of operations to all its affiliates across the globe. It is responsible for new setups and coordinates relief activities during major disasters. HF ensures effectiveness, efficiency and control in operational financial management. Humanity First International has two governing bodies:


This is the governing body of HF International. It oversees all activities planned, conducted and executed by all its affiliates. The board formulates and approves policies, strategy and financial requirements of the organization. The trustees represent Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas and collaborate collectively with their vast experience in these continents in humanitarian and relief initiatives.


The day to day management is handled by an executive body responsible for implementing and supervising the global strategy and objectives defined by the board of trustees. The management board also ensures the effective management of the organisation and its activities. It monitors and coordinates the activities of all HF branches to ensure they are in keeping with the founding principles, objects and values.


The management of Humanity First International is mainly operated by Health Care professionals, Entrepreneurs, Educators, technology expertise and many other professionals, all of  whom volunteer their time to serve humanity.

Ahmad Sayed


Serving as Chairman since the inception of Humanity First in 1995. Ensuring global compliance to our mission, vision and values and effective governance.

Dr. Shabir Bhatti

Senior Vice Chairman

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Naseer Dean

Vice Chairman

Driving standardisation of operating procedures and compliance, and innovative and effective fundraising and events.

Mirza Mahmood Ahmed

Vice Chairman

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Dr Mahmood

Director of Disaster Relief

Responsible for training of multi-disciplinary teams and consistent response to emergencies according to international best practice. Building partnerships with the UN and other NGOs.

Dr. Shahnawaz Rashid

Director Medical Services

Serving for over 15 years. Bringing together multi-disciplined clinical teams worldwide to drive healthcare transformation through capacity building, improved patient pathways and infrastructure improvement.

Syed Tahir Ahmad

Director Admin & HR

Liaison with all HF countries including registrations and management and admin of HF headquarters in London.

Fazal Ahmad

Director of Operations

Serving since 2006. Responsible for consistent quality of delivery, and the assessment, training and empowerment of national branches.

Noor Ahmed

Director Marketing

Responsible for the Humanity First brand. Supporting multi-channel communications across web, social media, print and events across multiple languages.

Farooq Ahmad

Director Finance

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Jawad Khan

Director Programmes

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Bashir Sharif

Director Logistics

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Tahir Ahmad

Director of Capacity Building

Serving since 2009. Responsible for working with all branches of Humanity First to improve how we collectively work internally and enhance the quality of the services we deliver to those in need. Capacity Building focuses on five portfolios: Training, Performance management, Data and Business intelligence, Knowledge Management and Special Projects