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May 8th Update

Over the last two weeks, HF arranged for 450 refugees to be evacuated to Berlin in Germany on 10 coaches and supported by our doctors in the HF ambulance. Medical camps were held in Ukraine, and refugees were also being assisted in Moldova and the Netherlands. 30 volunteers from Germany, Spain, USA and UK served during this period in Medyka. Over 26,000 people have been assisted to date through the crisis.

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April 23rd Update

Team of 12 have been serving on the Polish border, and teams also active in Moldova, Ukraine and The Netherlands. The medical facility in Medyka is fully equipped. HF managed to evacuate a 16 year-old out of Ukraine who had a brain haemorrhage, and take them for treatment to Italy. So far around 23,000 refugees have been assisted.

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April 16th Update

Team of 4 from the USA as part of 17 volunteers supporting in Poland. Providing medical resources in Lviv and Kyiv and assessing needs in Sumy and elsewhere. Significant numbers of refugees heading back into Ukraine. So far over 32,800 meals, 27,600 warm drinks, almost 7,500 breakfasts and 20,000 hygiene kits provided and 1,212 patients treated. Total value of aid approx 250k EUR.

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April 9th Update

4.4 million refugees have left Ukraine. HF is providing medication and consumables to hospitals in Lviv and Kyiv. 65 volunteers from 11 countries serving with HF in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Netherlands and Sweden. Team from UK are serving in Poland. Team helping refugees in Vlardingen (Netherlands) and Chisinau (Moldova).

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April 3rd Update

HF main response is in Medyka on the Polish border where around 20,000 refugees from Ukraine have been assisted. Providing warm meals, hot drinks, breakfasts and hygiene kits. Sending medication for 10,000 patients into Ukraine. 56 volunteers involved so far. Value of aid exceeds 166k EUR.

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March 27th Update

On the Polish border at Medyka, 723 patients treated at the HF medical camp. HF has deployed an Ambulance to transport more acute patients to local hospitals. Also providing meals and resources to refugees at Medyka, and at Shehyni over the border in Ukraine. Estimated 15,000 people assisted so far.

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March 19th Update

Over 500 patients treated by our medical team including a group of 50 orphans. They now have a defib, ECG and other medical equipment. HF is providing drinks, food and even SIM cards to refugees on either side of the Medyka crossing in Poland. Over 10,750 hygiene kits provided.

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March 12th Update

Already 2.5 million refugees have fled Ukraine, mainly to Poland and a further 1.9 million are internally displaced. HF is running a camp at Medyka in Poland since 27 Feb. So far treated 500 patients and provided 5,000 warm meals. Also handed out 150 SIM cards to enable distraught families to call their loved ones in Ukraine for free.

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March 6th Update

Just over a week since the Ukraine crisis began, and already 1.5 million refugees, mainly women and children, have fled the country. HF has a team from Germany established at Medyka on the Polish border providing medical assistance and warm soup to refugees. HF is working with local authorities, the Polish Red Cross and UN Agencies.
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Ukraine Crisis – Please donate

The Crisis in Ukraine from the conflict has resulted in over 10 Million people, mainly women and children, being displaced from home, with millions fleeing into neighbouring countries. Many towns are struggling with limited access to power, water and food. Hospitals are running low on medication and supplies to treat the wounded.

Keep track of our disaster relief work at

We must act now to protect people in this crisis.

How will my donation help people in Ukraine?

Your donation will be used to reach people in urgent need, including:

  • Enabling our Medical Team to treat patients
  • Supporting healthcare facilities within Ukraine
  • Providing emergency meals and drinks
  • Providing hygiene kits

Humanity First has been supporting people affected by conflicts and natural disasters for over 26 years.

With your help and support, we can do much more.

What is Humanity First doing to help Ukrainian people now?

Humanity First teams are actively supporting Ukrainian refugees in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, The Netherlands and Sweden. Teams from the UK, Germany, Canada and the USA are supporting the operation. 

To date, we have assisted over 20,000 refugees with medical assistance, warm meals, hot drinks, breakfasts, hygiene kits and SIM cards to be able to call their loved ones.

Your donation will help us reach more people.

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