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Qurbani Campaign 2022

The last three years have seen an unprecedented impact from a combination of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and now the Ukraine crisis, especially on those on the lowest incomes. Many communities that were previously facing food security issues are now seeing rocketing prices for basic foodstuffs, shortages of staples and cooking oil, and failed harvests due to floods and droughts.

In the Horn of Africa alone, 20 million people are facing starvation. In other regions, millions of children face chronic malnutrition.

Through our Food Security program, Humanity First has been helping farming communities with seeds, fertilizer, irrigation, tools and fencing as well as crop processing machinery to maximize harvests. We help on the basis of need alone, irrespective of race, religion or social standing. However, millions of people are on the brink of disaster and need emergency food rations.

This is the time of year when Muslims make sacrifices to feed those in need, and we encourage those of other faiths or none to join this effort. Last year the Qurbani campaign reached over half a million people with food rations. This year, with your help, we plan to reach more than 750,000 people in over 50 countries. Please DONATE today to help us reach our target.


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