Eid Qurbani

In recent years, a combination of climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic and conflicts has reduced the availability of key crops and items such as cooking oil, damaged harvests and impacted global supply chains. So prices are shooting up and availability has gone down. This has pushed families that were already struggling into poverty.

Through our Food Security program, Humanity First is helping farming communities to grow, process and store crops to increase their yields and income.

This is the time of year when Muslims will be making sacrifices to feed families facing hardships, and we also encourage those of other faiths or none to also join this initiative. Last year, we provided meat packs to rural and low income families in 64 countries. We were able to support 829,089 people in 2,075 villages. This year, in June, we plan to reach a million people with your help. We plan to make purchases in the first week of June to get the best prices and help the maximum number of people.

Please DONATE today via one of the following HF chapters to help us reach our target.