Humanity First Day 2024

Humanity First Day 2024: A Global Showcase of Compassion and Solidarity On May 11th, 2024, Humanity First hosted its annual “Humanity First Day,” a global event aimed at raising awareness and funds for various humanitarian projects. This year’s event saw participation from 24 countries, each contributing to the cause in unique and impactful ways. In London, a two-hour Telethon highlighted global projects and launched this year’s Qurbani campaign.

Meanwhile, in Adelaide, Australia, volunteers served 110 cooked meals to vulnerable individuals at the Neporandi Aboriginal Community Centre and a local church. Belgium’s Telethon segment focused on recent projects in Togo. Across the Atlantic in Toronto, Canada, a Telethon featured the local food bank and the progress of the Ivory Coast hospital, providing food rations to 100 families. Ghana’s live Telethon from Accra and Kumasi brought attention to local projects in medical education, water, and agriculture. Meanwhile, in Guatemala, a medical team from the USA conducted cataract surgeries at the HF Nasir Hospital. Other notable activities included medical outreach in Guyana, food distribution in Eswatini and Kenya, and construction projects in Tanzania and Niger. In Indonesia, a two-hour Telethon focused on new initiatives in food security and orphan care. Norway’s efforts were directed towards raising funds for Palestine.

The Philippines responded to a heatwave by providing refreshments to commuters, while in South Africa, 450 meals were distributed to those in need. The UK Telethon emphasised local food banks and global relief efforts. Humanity First Day 2024 was a testament to the power of collective effort and global solidarity. Communities worldwide came together to support those in need, demonstrating that compassion knows no borders. This event not only raised significant funds but also highlighted the importance of ongoing humanitarian efforts. Join us in celebrating Humanity First Day and continue supporting our mission to serve those in need. Together, we can make a difference.

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