GLOBAL TELETHON 2020 | 25 Years of Serving Humanity

GLOBAL TELETHON 2020: Humanity First completed its 25 years in 2020. The concept of charity organization that could serve humanity without any discrimination on the basis of Race, Color, Religion, Creed and Nationality was proposed by the 4th Caliph. Humanity First started its operations in 1995 when it got officially registered in UK.

To mark the 25th anniversary, Humanity First conducted a Global Telethon. The basic purpose of Telethon was to raise awareness about Humanity First’s activities across the world. The Telethon was a 24-hour event across the 58 registered branches during which many countries ran live feeds or events to raise awareness of our activities and to help raise vital funds. Humanity First received an overwhelming response from donors throughout the event.

Humanity First highlighted its operations on all of its projects throughout the world. All the major chapters of Humanity First like New Zealand, Bangladesh, Germany, France, UK, Ghana, Nigeria, Canada and USA not just ran their transmissions but also presented their operations in different countries under the banner of Humanity First.

The Telethon day was a major success and over $3.5 million were raised towards projects including the ongoing response to Coronavirus where Humanity First is responding in 77 countries. Across over 50 countries, this became ‘Humanity First Day’.

Humanity First