Urgent Appeal: Help Morocco Recover from Devastating Earthquake

We bring you distressing news from #Morocco, where a catastrophic magnitude 6.8 #earthquake struck the region south of Marrakesh on Friday night at 23:11 local time. The epicenter of this disaster was located near Adassil, approximately 44 miles to the south of the city. The consequences of this seismic event are heart-wrenching, with countless homes left in ruins, impacting people who were likely at home during the late hours of the night. In the aftermath, a series of smaller aftershocks followed, compelling many to seek refuge outdoors, even in distant towns and cities.

As relief teams venture into remote villages scattered throughout the High Atlas Mountains, the current toll of human suffering is overwhelming. The death toll currently stands at a staggering 2,497 lives lost, and 2,476 people have been injured and 585 schools damaged. Regrettably, these numbers are anticipated to climb as we gain a more comprehensive understanding of the extensive damage caused by the most devastating earthquake Morocco has witnessed in over a century.

In this critical time, Humanity First is conducting a thorough needs assessment and mobilizing dedicated teams and vital resources, poised to provide swift assistance. Our mission is to offer immediate support to those affected by this natural disaster. Your generous contributions will make a profound difference in aiding the innocent victims of this tragedy. Together, we can help Morocco recover and rebuild from this unprecedented catastrophe. Our thoughts and prayers are with the survivors as we join hands to provide hope and relief in their time of need.

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